Let Us Tell Your Story

Nobody likes a sales pitch except, on occasion, the sales-person. So, we'll keep this part brief.

We just want to figure out if your story is one we ought to tell. Northward Compass is a no pressure studio. There are no sales-people on our team. We don't believe in high-pressure situations and drama. We also don't participate in spec work and crazy bid wars. (Those are never good for you or us.)

We firmly believe that if you're looking for someone to build your project, and you like our work, we should talk things through. It doesn't have to be complicated or awkward. If it's a good fit, awesome! If not, we'll go our separate ways, wishing you all the best. You won't hear from us in two weeks with a different angle.

Sketches in progress

Each Project Starts With Research

In order to build the right thing you have to first know what you're building. That seems obvious, but it's usually overlooked. We'll spend time researching the best path for your project before we do any other work. Then, when we have something solid, we'll start into the concept phase.

In this part we might research your competition, or just figure out how people are trying to find content like yours. It's not formulaic, and every project is different. But quality research makes all the difference.

Then We Design

We take your objectives and our research and start to give it life. That means taking it from a wire-frame to a series of gray boxes with real content. When that feels comfortable to us, we'll create a polished design of a few pages and send it your way. Here we come to a complete stop.

We'll iterate on the designs until you're happy. The full stop here keeps the project deadlines and budget in check. Only when everyone is ready will we actually start building. You wouldn't build a house without knowing where the walls are, so why do that with your digital project?

And Then, We Build

When we do start work, we'll create a series of templates in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here you'll get to see how they work responsively (in mobile, tablet, and desktop situations).

When we complete the templates we'll come to one last full stop. If you're happy with the templates, we'll start the final stages of getting your site, app, or game out the door.

After The Project

It's unfortunate that so many studios sever communication after handing over the project. We're not like that.

When you have questions, we're there to help. If a bug shows up, we'll fix it. But most importantly, we want to empower you to run your own site without our help. We'll give you training materials to teach you how things work, and help you when you need.

Taking The First Step

If this sounds good to you, send us a quick note about your project. We promise, it won't be a terrible experience.

About Northward Compass

Founded by David Brooks in 2010, Northward Compass is a small, distributed design shop that claims Orlando, Florida as home. We specialize in dynamic, interactive, and modern web sites, applications, and games.

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