First and foremost, we are Storytellers

Why Story-telling?

All it takes is a quick look at history, or anywhere really, to see that humans connect with a good story. As a small agency in Orlando, we focus on not just a good story, but the right story.

That makes all the difference.

Some traditions use spoken word to communicate story. At the other extreme, story is pieced together in Instagram posts or Tweets. And, of course, a picture says a thousand words. We borrow the best from spoken, written, and visual mediums to show a fuller picture of what we want to communicate.

Every day we design and create content for web, app, and games. All of our projects are built with modern, efficient practices. That’s how we keep both our clients and team happy and on track.

It also helps that we care about every project. Our design clients aren’t a number or a paycheck. They’re like friends. In some cases, more like family.


Whether we’re helping writers, recording studios, or game shops, we solve real problems.

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Who doesn’t love a great game? Our team takes every chance to make beautiful AND entertaining games. No matter the scale.

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We design, write, and deliver top-notch content with both humans and search engines in mind.

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We occasionally take on design or development work for clients, friends, or causes that are special to us.

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Our Studio... Summarized

Founded by David Brooks in 2010, Northward Compass is a small, distributed design shop that claims Orlando, Florida as home. We specialize in dynamic, interactive, and modern web sites, applications, and games.