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We get it. DIY website builders and their low prices are appealing, especially to those starting a business or building their first site. But it’s also no match for a team with 15 years of web-building experience.

Our goal is to empower everyone, regardless of budget, to run a site that’s beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain.

And the best part? It’s your site, free and clear. No strings attached. Our prices start at $200*. We just need a little information from you to get started on a game plan. We’re a no-pressure, no sales-people team.

All of our sites are good to go on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. We use the WordPress platform to make your life easier, and we do our best to help you secure that from the beginning.

It would be rude to call you "Hey you!" all the time

We won't spam you, and we're a no-pressure team. No salespeople work with us.

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*We aren’t a web host or domain registrar. So during the process, we can help you purchase your domain and get setup with a hosting account. It also means that those services are not included in our pricing.

About Northward Compass

Founded by David Brooks in 2010, Northward Compass is a small, distributed design shop that claims Orlando, Florida as home. We specialize in dynamic, interactive, and modern web sites, applications, and games.

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