Almost Serial


Though the focus of Almost Serial is a blend of comedy, video games, and nerd-culture, we took the design of it very seriously. Our goal was to deliver the content similar to other news organizations, even though in this case the news was completely made-up.

Once the design was delivered, we built the site to leverage intense caching methods. That allowed Almost Serial to take major amounts of traffic without feeling the weight of it at all. The content was written in WordPress, but the front-end was completely separated from it by two layers. That also meant that when bots and hackers attempted to take it over their attempts were misdirected and then wiped away shortly after.

During the early stages, the site also used AngularJS to load content very quickly. However, as the needs of the site changed and SEO became of more importance the architecture was switched to rely more on PHP than JavaScript.

The layout for Almost Serial

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