We are a creative studio that loves story-telling

We design and create content for web, app, and games. We call Orlando, Florida home.

All of our projects are built with modern, efficient practices. That’s how we keep both our clients and team happy and on track.

It also helps that we care about every project. Our design clients aren’t a number or a paycheck. They’re more like friends. In some cases, more like family.

Our Favorite Clients

As a creative studio, we’re not in this for the money. (Though it’s hard to build a site without electricity. And you have to eat.) Instead, we design and build sites and apps for people who do great things, make the world a better place, or inform others.

Simply said, because we’re a story-telling studio, we have to believe in the story we’re telling.

If this sounds like you… get in touch!

Our Favorite Projects

We started with web design and development, and that still makes up the majority of our work. But we also build iOS and Android applications as well as games and interactive environments. Most of us are writers, too. So we enjoy things like content creation and writing for SEO. Sometimes people come to us with a hacked site, and we fix them.

What we really enjoy is building something that stretches people, or a medium. We’re also idealists, so the bigger the impact and chance to change lives, the better!

Skillsets and Hybrids

Our goal is to embrace learning and diversity. We encourage each person to grow in things that make them a well-rounded person. Specialties are great in some cases, but we typically find that being able to do two things at a professional level gives a person a much wider perspective from which to solve a problem.

For example, our developers can often design, our writer also helps with product and content strategy.

Our Location

We built Northward Compass as a completely remote studio because we love to experience new places. Those experiences help keep our work fresh.

Our team is spread out across the United States. Our creative director and art director are in Orlando, Florida, we have a designer/developer in Arkansas, a writer in Michigan, a 3D artist in Indiana and a traditional artist in Minnesota.

Our Studio... Summarized

Founded by David Brooks in 2010, Northward Compass is a small, distributed design shop that claims Orlando, Florida as home. We specialize in dynamic, interactive, and modern web sites, applications, and games.